The Morpher Society v2.5:

January 2008

The Morpher Society
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     A glimpse into the minds of the members of The Morpher Society.
(A few more are there!)

     The story of The Morpher Society.
(Still haven't written more!)

     Odds and ends of the Morpher Society.
(Some actual content!)

     See how long it's been sing I've worked on this site...
(Still haven't updated!)

Heh, finally updated the banner, and the address is wrong already! Bah, this is TMS v2.5. This is a in-between version that probably wouldn't have existed. TMS v2.0 was going to merge into v3.0, but lost it's hosting, so this is a temporary fix until I have new hosting, at which time, v3.0 will return.
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