FAQ: Frquently Asked Questions

Welcome to the TMS FAQ. Yep.

Q: I want to join TMS.
A: Ehh, sorry. But, no. TMS is not available for membership.. the 'members' and 'profiles' are of the people and characters in my private RP group. There used to be a club, but it was jsut a way to get people asking to join off my back. It was just a list of peopel who asked, really.

Q: What's this site about?
A: I thought I had made it obvious enough, but.. nothing! Besides the 'main topic' of my RP group (Where the name TMS comes from), anything and everything I decide to put up here will be here.

Q: I like your site, but you should get off Angelfire. Banners suck.
A: Well, I was resistant to moving for a while, but.. now I've moved! I went onto a friend's host, but it was closed down, so.. now I have no hosting. Eh..

Q: What is Animorphs?
A: I'm not even going to answer this question. Go look at the FAQ at Animorphitis (my Associate Site) for what Rachias and Coel say. Looking at other areas of their site will probably answer your question, though.

Q: Who are you?
A: I'm Patrick, you're friendly neighborhood crazy webmaster. Nice to meet you. For a more ocmplete answer, see the About Me page.

Q: Why did you make this site?
A: Why not? I wanted to make a site. I started it some time in '99 as my person site called 'Patrick's Site', appropriately enough. The day after Christmas 1999, I brought up the first version of The Morpher Society, and from there, it's history.

Q: I was wondering.. what did your intro message say before v2.0?
A: Okay, so no one probably cares. But here it is, anyway:
"Hello. You have probably heard of the Animorphs. I am not one of them. But I fight the same battle they do....A bunch of kids against the Yeerks. We have more people though. We still need help. Us and The Animorphs aren't enough to save earth. Unless you Join us." <We cannot save the world alone. JOIN US.>

Q: Are you crazy?!
A: I certainly hope so. Otherwise I've been collecting these dead bodies uh.. books in my basement for nothing. Yeah, books.

Q: What happened to the contest?
A: When I made v2.0, it was oblitterated. Here's what it said right before I deleted it:


The first TMS Contest is here! To find the clues go to the source of different pages and in comment tags, there will be the clues. Here's the first clue:
To get some knowledge of this,
You'll need to go to a profile: Chris.

Good luck, and the first people to get to the end, e-mail me!

  1. John!
  2. Kaete!
  3. Cody!


Email: Anim0rph2@aol.com